Employers want to know about your skills and achievements.  Being able to effectively communicate them to a potential employer offers you a key advantage in the hiring process.  Don’t ever stop building on your skill sets.

CAREER READY GUIDE:   Are you Career Ready?  Check out the Career Ready Guide — an interactive, online course inspired by the 8 NACE career readiness competencies that Users can complete in about 4 hours!  Log in to Handshake to access the FREE guide.

LINKEDIN LEARNINGThe Importance of Professional Soft Skills.
Free access to all University of Pittsburgh students and staff via my.pitt.edu. April 2021 grads will have continuous access until August 1, 2021.

Check your local library for access options after graduation. (Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh information can be found here.)

COURSERA:  Free courses on soft skill building

CAREER SPOTS:  Online course based on the 8 NACE competencies developed by leading career development professionals to self-teach students how to better prepare for the professional world.  Check it out for free!

TRANSFERABLE SKILLS CHECKLIST:  This checklist provides a comprehensive list of skills in categories to help identify the skills you’ve demonstrated and those you would like to develop. This list can help you with writing content for your resume, cover letters, networking and interviews!

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM CURRICULUM:  Remember the OCC?  Many of the skills you built during college may have been tracked as you completed the OCC.  Check your progress on your OCC app to make sure that you have all skills documented on your resume.


Consider a boost to your career and explore credentialing.  This page offers insight into building skills through short-term credentialing in either your industry of interest or in soft skills such as leadership, Microsoft Suite, etc.