Whether you are looking for a job in your field or a temporary position while you engage in your job search, it is critical that you present yourself as a work-ready professional.  Here are some ways the Career Center can help.

Virtual Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

  • Email resumes@pitt.edu with your document and a staff member will be in touch with you by the next business day.
  • Word documents are preferred (Not PDF).
  • If requesting a cover letter review, then please include a link or screen shot for the position to which you are applying.
  • Remember to make the suggested changes soon after you receive the notes, so information does not get lost.

Online Career Center Presentations

Resumes: Presented by Lauren Fagan, Career Consultant

Cover Letters: Presented by Ryan Sweeny, Assistant Director

Networking: Presented by Ryan Sweeny, Assistant Director

Interviewing: Presented by Alex Ball, Internship Associate

Quick Career-Ready Resources

Refine Your Interview Skills

  • Big Interview is an invaluable website where you can learn interview skills for multiple types of interviews, job levels and industries. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to practice your interview skills.

Create and Maintain Your Online Presence

Other Skill-Building Resources

CAREER READY GUIDE:  Click Here to Access the Login Page for the Career Ready Guide

Pitt Student Login: UPittCRG  Pitt Student Password:  PittsburghCRG2019

LINKEDIN LEARNINGThe Importance of Professional Soft Skills.  

COURSERA:  Free courses on soft skill building

CAREER SPOTS:  Online course based on the 8 NACE competencies developed by leading career development professionals to self-teach students how to better prepare for the professional world.  Check it out for free!

TRANSFERABLE SKILLS CHECKLIST:  This checklist provides a comprehensive list of skills in categories to help identify the skills you’ve demonstrated and those you would like to develop. This list can help you with writing content for your resume, cover letters, networking and interviews!

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM CURRICULUM:  Remember the OCC?  Many of the skills you built during college may have been tracked as you completed the OCC.  Check your progress on your OCC app to make sure that you have all skills documented on your resume.


Consider a boost to your career and explore credentialing.  This page offers insight into building skills through short-term credentialing in either your industry of interest or in soft skills such as leadership, Microsoft Suite, etc.